About us

The Holodomor Research and Education Consortium (HREC) promotes the research, study, and understanding of the Holodomor – the Famine in Ukraine of 1932–33. HREC was established in 2013 with the generous support of the Temerty Foundation as a project of the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies (CIUS), University of Alberta. The HREC mandate is carried out by CIUS staff in Toronto and Edmonton offices and researchers in Ukraine.

Our Divisions

The HREC Research component conducts and promotes research on the Holodomor and related topics and engages scholars and institutions across disciplines through conferences, grants competitions, fellowships, translation and publication programs, and other outreach activities.

The HREC Education component furthers the research, study, and teaching of the Holodomor through six streams: resource development, educator training workshops, presentations, outreach, promotion, and consulting. HREC ED promotes the inclusion of the Holodomor in curricula and at educational institutions through a multidisciplinary approach that encourages the development of critical and historical thinking skills. HREC ED develops instructional materials and trains educators across Canada, the USA, and Ukraine in best practices for teaching the Holodomor and works with ministries of education, school boards, administrators, and history and social studies curriculum leaders across Canada.

HREC Staff

HREC Research Advisory Committee

  • Olga AndriewskyTrent University
  • Andrea GraziosiUniversity of Naples "Federico II"
  • Paul Robert MagocsiUniversity of Toronto
  • Alexander MotylRutgers University
  • Norman NaimarkStanford University
  • Serhii PlokhiiHarvard University
  • Lynne ViolaUniversity of Toronto

HREC Education Advisory Committee

  • Lana BabijIndependent Researcher, Holodomor Photo Directory
  • Olenka BilashUniversity of Alberta
  • Orest CapUniversity of Manitoba
  • Denis Hlynka University of Manitoba
  • Mark MelnykYork Region District School Board, Ontario
  • Valentina NoseworthyManitoba Education and Training
  • Boris RadyoEdmonton Catholic School District