Call for papers – The Holodomor in Global Perspective

The conference The Holodomor in Global Perspective has been rescheduled for September 28-29, 2022, at the University of Cambridge (UK). Although the Holodomor affected global economics, politics, and international relations and was covered in hundreds of press accounts, its role in global history has yet to receive adequate attention. Presenters at the conference will address aspects of the Holodomor that contribute to an understanding of how the famine shaped, and was shaped by, global processes at work during the interwar period. Among the topics to be considered:

* Foreign workers in the USSR engaged in Soviet industrial and agricultural projects
* Grain and wheat imports and exports; the role of the Soviet Union in the global economy
*  The famine in international relations and in the context of Soviet denial
*  Government and organizational responses (or lack thereof) to the famine
* The famine in the context of humanitarian aid and relief
*  Coverage of the famine in the press
* The famine as a multiethnic experience of minority groups who lived in Soviet Ukraine
*  Displaced famine victims; refugee and migration history

Organizers: Holodomor Research and Education Consortium (CIUS/University of Alberta); The Leverhulme Trust; and the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages at the University of Cambridge

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