2019 HREC Research Grants Competition

HREC awarded a total of $45,400 CAD for 24 grants, ranging from $700 to $4,000, through its 2019 Research Grants Competition. This year’s competition called for projects that focus on Holodomor research and publishing of research results, preservation of materials, and organization of and participation in conference sessions and workshops dealing with the Holodomor. This would include research examining the fate of ethnic Ukrainians and minorities during collectivization and the Holodomor, diaspora communities and their kin in Soviet Ukraine during the Holodomor; information on collectivization and the Holodomor gathered by governments of other countries and their policies toward the Soviet Union at the time of the Famine; and understanding of the Holodomor at the national and sub-national levels (e.g., oblasts, raions, villages).