Japanese sources and reaction to the Holodomor

Professor Kuromiya gave a well-attended and well-received guest lecture in the senior seminar “Twentieth-Century Genocides in Eastern Europe,” providing analysis of Japanese archival sources on the Holodomor. Previously unknown consular reports from Odesa show that the Japanese diplomats were shocked by the Stalin regime’s murderous policies against its own citizens but did not speak of the genocide for the fear of provoking war in the Far East.

Hiroaki Kuromiya received his Ph.D. at Princeton University and currently teaches history at Indiana University. His books include Freedom and Terror in the Donbas: A Ukrainian-Russian Borderland, 1870s–1990s (1998), and The Voices of the Dead: Stalin’s Great Terror in the 1930s (2007).


Holodomor Research and Education Consortium (Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, University of Alberta)

University of Victoria