Holodomor Panel at the Annual Conference of the Canadian Association of Slavists

HREC Research Director Bohdan Klid organized a panel on the Holodomor at the conference of the Canadian Association of Slavists titled, “New World Perspectives on the Famine and Stalinist

Repressions,” featuring Jars Balan, Bohdan Klid, and Serge Cipko, all of the University of Alberta. Balan presented an analysis of newspaper reports by the Stalin apologist Pierre van Paassen, published in Canada in the early 1930s. Cipko’s presentation analysed mainstream and

Ukrainian-language press reports in the West on Mykola Skrypnyk’s suicide in 1933. Klid’s presentation offered a preliminary assessment of testimonies and depositions on the Famine and Stalinist repressions in Ukraine compiled by the US House Select Committee on Communist Aggression in 1954. Andrij Makuch of HREC served as panel discussant.