Gareth Jones and the Ukrainian Bureau in London

Vladimir Kaye-Kysilewskyj was a major figure in the pre-history of Canadian multiculturalism in the 1950s and 1960s. After emigrating to Canada in 1925, he became editor of the newspapers Zakhidni visty in Edmonton (1928–30) and Ukraïna in Chicago (1931).  In the 1930s he was an active lobbyist for Ukrainian causes in London, England, serving as director of the Ukrainian Bureau there in the period 1931–39. In fulfilling his mission to inform Western opinion about major issues affecting Ukraine, Kaye-Kysilewskyj developed a working relationship and friendship with the journalist and personal secretary of David Lloyd-George, Gareth Jones. Their contacts, which began before Jones visited Ukraine during the Holodomor, are reflected in Kaye-Kysilewskyj ’s diary. The pages where Jones is mentioned are included here. The diary will be published in the series “Ukraine-Europe, 1921-1939” of the Petro Jacyk Program for  Study of Modern Ukrainian History and Society of the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies. Professor Alexandra Hnatiuk is editing the diaries and writing an introduction to their publication.