Recording Available: The Great Famines in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Bengal (1930s-1940s) Colloquium

Date: May 31, 2023

This colloquium addressed these three catastrophic famines in one forum in the 90th memorial year of the Holodomor and Kazakhstan famines, and the 80th memorial year of the Bengal famine. While India was a British overseas colony and Ukraine and Kazakhstan were formally republics of the Soviet Union, the three famines occurred on territories ruled by great powers, where major political and economic decisions made in faraway capitals resulted in mass starvation. 


Debjani Sengupta, University of Delhi

Andrea Graziosi, Università di Napoli Federico II



Niccolò Pianciola: “Feeding the Capitals: Stalinist Social Hierarchies and the Great Famine in Kazakhstan, 1928-1934”

Janam Mukherjee:  “Producing Famine: War, Profits and Procurement in 1940s Bengal”

Bohdan Klid: The Rise of Ukrainian National Sentiment as a Reaction to Soviet Agricultural Policies and Famine, 1928-1933” 


Organized by the Holodomor Research and Education Consortium, CIUS, University of Alberta


Event program


  • The Great Famines in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Bengal (1930s-1940s)