WINTERKILL: A Tale of Survival During the Holodomor by Marsha Skrypuch

WINTERKILL, by acclaimed Ukrainian Canadian author Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch, is a moving story for middle-grade students set during the Holodomor. In her novel, Marsha manages to interweave the history of the period while telling a gripping tale of unity, perseverance, and the irrepressible will to survive. HREC Education is providing funding to support 30 schools in hosting virtual visits by the author.  


“I look forward to speaking with students at schools across North America about WINTERKILL and the Holodomor, and how history and current events sometimes intersect,” she said.


WINTERKILL comes out September 6th and will be available in bookstores as well as through Scholastic Book Fairs and flyers. For more information and to inquire about HREC supported school visits by the author, please visit: